Thank you for visiting whatever this might be. Mob Psycho 100 Fanfiction Masterpost: Transport Version (Component 1)

Thank you for visiting whatever this might be. Mob Psycho 100 Fanfiction Masterpost: Transport Version (Component 1)


Hello! I’m Nat, a 22 year old with she/her pronouns. My pastimes add weeping publicly being on tumblr in place of sleep. Ace lesbian.

That great terumob content material!

(fics the pairing of Teruki Hanazawa/Shigeo Kageyama)

These are all for possibly adolescent or over or basic audiences.

Should you feel like there is certainly a work that belongs about this listing that will ben’t onto it, please let me know. If there a is jobs that involves non-con kindly let me know because it doesn’t belong about this checklist. If there is a work on this subject list that makes you unpleasant unconditionally, kindly inform me and I’ll remove it record.

I’m excited since there are a few really works here from my personal mutuals. Featuring gutter-girl-100, unluckyships, prettypistachio, and a lot of some other great article authors.

*Some in the authors in this post are not really well identified, nevertheless they place such hard work to their fics. Should you look over a fic that you don’t thought is getting enough fancy, please set limited review for the author. It’ll make time.

Thanks a lot, and take pleasure in!

Teru happens bicycling with Mob, Ritsu, and Shou. (lowkey terumob)

How Mob were able to genuinely believe that every thing the blonde guy does ended up being platonic, Teru didn’t know.All he knew at the moment ended up being that his belly had been full of lasagna, their wallet had been about verge of being bare, and that Mob looked quite remarkable in the lights in the sundown.

Shigeo asks Teruki to greatly help him write the letter.

“Then, In my opinion, I probably do like you.”

“Are you practicing, Kageyama-kun?“

Fitness Center AU. Only dudes are dudes. Lifting weights, holding palms, slipping crazy,

Teenager and Up Visitors

Teruki and Mob want to assert that they’re simply friends. Little a lot more. Ritsu want to disagree. Shou would wish to disagree. The entire pupil human anatomy of Salt and dark Vinegar middle school merged would like to differ. (Debatable terumob? Might be platonic. In any event, very pretty.)

“Teruki is actually ashamed, flustered by their own abrupt confession, mortified during the brashness of their softly puckered lips, bending towards one individual he cherishes above the guy actually ever considered feasible.”

Teru and Mob, resting directly, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

a coach, bathed in yellows, the gentle rattle of steel, and a previously soft look. Teru know it had been appropriate, beside him

Spirits And these assessment company offers romantic pointers to troubled youths and curse training for the exact same price – there’s not much distinction between those two in the end.

After a sleepover at Teru’s house Mob and Teru choose make morning meal together.

There’s laughs, a ton of blushing, and just close wholesome TeruMob.

Brief pictures of a life. Teruki Hanazawa discovers himself a tad too not even close to the person that he was, and a little too shy of the person he’d like to end up being.

Teenage or over People

During one of his true cycle touring activities, Teru stumbles upon a location from his past.

Teru will get input their place.

Teru seems the pain of defeat and it also sets your reduced, like it always do. Exactly what he does not count on is for Mob to care and attention enough to reach his help. Revelations become got in addition to two come to be better than either had previously believed feasible…

“Nii-san, what’s incorrect? You look stressed.”

“The thing that makes you point out that?” Mob asked monotonously as he persisted melting in to the settee.

Snowed-in till another early morning, Mob and Teru display a minute in the night time.

It willn’t matter exactly what shape or color the aura as an esper is actually, Mob realised, it’s the same overall when that special individual tends to make your own website loop circle & plunge.

Teru and Tome create a wager.

Teenager or over Readers

Mob’s having problems with mathematics very Teruki suggests he can let! Sort of.

When he said lunch day, he was convinced one thing more romantic. Like perhaps wonderful candles, dim lights, pricey steak. But the guy could work because of this. He could work with Mcdonalds.

Teru possess a sleepover at Mob’s house. Things are heading fantastic till both teens settle down for the evening.

Mob has grown. Teru was stressed for his center.

Child or more People

Mob and Teru on a romantic date. Mob stims. Teru fears.

The garden develops.

One kid had been adequate to control, but Reigen couldn’t simply ignore this.

Mob requires Teru to teach your ideas on how to have fun with the ukulele.

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